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2015 Land Light Space

After receiving an invitation from the Global Arts Foundation to participate in their Venice Biennale collateral exhibition last year, Wasserfall Munting Architects – in collaboration with the late Paul van Schalkwyk – installed an exhibit in the beautiful Palazzo Mora aimed at showcasing the beauty of Namibia using architectural device and photography. This was done with the support of Nedbank, Air Namibia and the Ministry of Youth, Sport, National Service and Culture as the main sponsors, in the hope that it could possibly pave the way for future national participation in the Biennale. The exhibition ran from June to November 2014 in Venice and has now in part returned to Namibia for display at the National Art Gallery of Namibia.




The Venice Architecture Biennale was established in 1980 as a corollary to the Art Biennale in order to accommodate the growing prominence of architecture in the event. Since then it has become the most prominent international occasion for showcasing architecture and attracted 228,000 visitors last year.

The main exhibition was directed by internationally acclaimed architect Rem Koolhas and was focused on the elements of architecture while the Global Arts Foundation collateral exhibition in which Namibians Paul van Schalkwyk and Wasserfall Munting Architects participated was entitled Time, Space, Existence with an emphasis on architectural process and context.

The exhibition displayed at the NAGN from Friday, 6 March 2015 until Saturday, 4 April 2015

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