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43 Crohn Schanzen Road

Windhoek, Namibia


burmeister & Partners

Burmeister is a large multi-disciplinary engineering company with a staff complement of around 60. Having outgrown the converted heritage building with its warren-like plan layout from which they had been operating for many years, they desired a spacious open-plan office more appropriate to the workings of an engineering company. 


They also wanted to utilise the city’s free residential bulk incentive, hence the added residential component. 


The challenge was to design a large production shed that would have a pronounced presence and visual impact on the busy Toivo Ya Toivo Street to the north-west yet respect the residential scale of buildings in the side street. The shed is floated on columns to accommodate staff parking underneath. 


Located in the side street, the main entrance to the office complex is along a raised walkway which takes the visitor to the reception, waiting area and main boardroom on the mezzanine level. Directors’ offices are located on the same level and overlook the double volume 

production space. An extended ramp connects the entrance level to the work floor, with 3 meeting pods located along the way.


Five residential units edge the 

eastern boundary of the site along the side street, ensuring a more 

domestic scale.